X̌ əns gəgayolas

About Wei Wai Kum First Nation

The Wei Wai Kum First Nation (Campbell River Indian Band) engages in a range of social and economic programs, services and activities that promote the well-being and prosperity of our members.

These include education, housing, health care, social development, and recreation. We also support activities that preserve and promote the Wei Wai Kum culture, such as training in the Lik’wala language and traditional dancing and singing.

Many of the services we offer our members are supported with revenues generated by a variety of Band-owned enterprises and economic development programs.

The centre of Wei Wai Kum territory is Campbell River, on the east coast of central Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Based on the history of our ancestors, Wei Wai Kum territory today extends from the headwaters of Loughborough Inlet north of Campbell River to the Tsable River in the south. It goes westward to the chain of mountains on central Vancouver Island, and eastward midway through the Strait of Georgia.

The Wei Wai Kum First Nation has 788 members, 368 of whom live on Campbell River Indian Reserve #11. The Nation also has three remote reserves: Homayno #2,  Loughborough #3, and Matlaten #4.

The Wei Wai Kum First Nation is an integral part of the social and economic fabric of Campbell River, participating in community functions and including the community in traditional First Nations celebrations.

The Nation is now in Stage Four of the B.C Treaty process. It negotiates for a treaty through the Wei Wai Kum Kwiakah Treaty Society. See the society’s website for more information: WKTS.ca