Council Portfolio Assignments

The Wei Wai Kum First Nation Band Council has re-assigned portfolios among the Councillors. In instances where more than one Councillor is listed, the second person or persons are the alternate for the portfolio.

Education: Curtis Wilson

Social and Recreation: Chris Drake, Tony Roberts Jr.

Language and Culture: Curtis Wilson, Tony Roberts Jr.

Land Code and Management: Tony Roberts Jr., Chris Drake

Health: Marian Atkinson, Shelly Haunch

Housing: Shelly Haunch, Dean Drake

Governance: Chris Roberts, Chris Drake

Fisheries: Tony Roberts Jr., Shelly Haunch

Treaty:  Chris Roberts, Tony Roberts Jr.

Capital Projects: Chris Drake

Community Services: Shelly Haunch

Public Security: Dean Drake

Elders: Marian Atkinson

Food Gathering and Distribution: Dean Drake

Economic Development: Chris Roberts, All Council

Finance: Chris Roberts, All Council

II_21 Portfolio Distribution