Early CCP Survey Respondents Are Winners!

Congratulations to the four Band members who have won $10 gift certificates to Tim Horton’s for being early respondents to our new community-wide survey. Nola Latimer was our first survey respondent. The following winners’ names were drawn from members who either filled out the survey at the AGM or online:

·       Leslie Hnatiw

·       Christine Roberts

·       Sherry Woolley

Prizes may be collected at the Band Office or we will mail them to you at your request.

The survey is ongoing. It is the next major phase of our Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) work and it is an opportunity for Band members to have a say in planning for the Nation’s future.

There are actually two surveys:

Take the Adult Survey (Age 18 and up)

Take the Youth Survey (Age 12 – 17)

Print versions may also be filled out either at the Band Office or through other outreach activities that will help ensure we get responses from as many members as possible.

In addition to contributing to this important work, survey respondents will have an opportunity to win prizes that include two iPads (valued at approximately $600 each) and gift certificates to Tim Horton’s, Walmart and our own Wei Wai Kum House of Treasures. Early bird prize winners remain eligible for the grand prizes, so don’t wait to participate!


More Winners!

Congratulations as well to the four Band members who won the gift baskets that were prize draws at the AGM:

·       Edwina Henderson

·       Maureen Goliquer

·       Gwen Olney

·       Jake Smith