Elder’s Update – News and Upcoming Events

The First Annual North Island Elders Wellness Gathering was a HUGE success thanks to YOU, our volunteers, sponsors and supporters. Special Thank-you to Curtis Wilson for our LOGO and the beautiful colouring books we were able to provide to every Elder.

We are in need of donations for door prizes for our next Bingo in June.  Gilakas’la in advance to everyone who helps out in their own way!

Elders for Council

Next week’s Elder representatives in council (May 27) are Susan Paquette and Dick Joseph.

Elders are called following the alphabetical phone list so everyone has equal opportunity to attend.

Elder’s who commit to attend must be able to stay for the duration (usually 9:30 to 3pm) An honorarium will be presented on the day of, and lunch will be provided by your Elders worker, unless you prefer to bring your own.

Craft Nights – Cedar weaving group continues through to September when Avis comes back to weave hats with us. Until then we will be practicing our bark preparation and weaving skills, making berry picking baskets. We will also be making dream catchers.

“Elder’s Room” Renovation

Renovations are getting close to being finished, with our appliances being delivered on Wednesday. We will be able to have our grand opening in the beginning of June, date TBA. We are excited to now have our own space for regular programs including the community. We will host the children and youth for regular programming, and will have a weekly “Elder’s Café” weekly drop in day for Elders and members of the community to come by and have a visit and participate with us doing a craft, telling stories, and gardening etc. Soup, sandwiches and coffee and tea will be available.

The bus will be picking up participating Elders at 8:30am for the Island Wide Luncheon May 29th in Duncan

The Elder’s group is busy planning our activities for the upcoming year, as well as some special trips throughout the summer in our shiny new bus.


Check your Elder’s Activity Calendar for May 2019 included in this week’s issue for regularly scheduled Events and Activities, your June calendar will be included in next week’s issue… Call 250 202 0115 or email kristenpeel@weiwaikum.ca to register for anything that may interest you

Are you an Elder who is interested in doing opening prayers and welcome ceremonies for the larger community? Please call Kristen to put your name on the list. Thank you!

Meal program – Do you or anyone you know need meals? Our meal program is a work in progress, always improving to meet the needs and feedback from the Elders. For those 65 and over who have difficulty preparing food, who are caregivers to their spouses who have disability, or are ill, or have just come home from hospital. Please spread the word in the community to keep Kristen informed of Elders who have been to hospital or are ill, in need of assistance for meals as they will be delivered only upon request, as needed. Thank You.