Housing Department Updates

  • The Chief & Council have had the first Reading of the Social Housing Rent-To-Own & Rental Housing Policy. Once the policy in place the Polices   will be made available to members on the Wei Wai Kum website and at the Administration office.
  • The Housing Committee has been formed, it consist of 2 Council Members that hold the housing portfolio, the Band Manager and 2 External Experts in the Housing Field.  The Housing Committee will work with the Housing Department to put forward to Council recommendations for policy amendments, and the  allocation of rental units to rental applicants.
  • An information binder with Lot, addresses, and Member Information is being produced.  This is being developed for Council’s easy reference when discussing housing issues.
  • Members have asked for renovations for their home. We are currently collecting the information, inspections are needed in preparation of sending to the funding sources for                   approval. I will be contacting all to assist with completing the renovation application process.
  • Currently there are no lots available for members to build a home. , We are waiting for the Additions to Reserve to be completed which is the final stages and we will be giving regular updates to the membership.
  • Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns regarding the Housing Department.

Jessica Cliffe, Housing Administrator –

Office: 250-286-6949 Ext. 111 

Cell: 250-203-588 

Email: jessicacliffe@weiwaikum.ca