Yaq̓ əndas λu ǧwayagəlidzas

Language & Culture

The Wei Wai Kum Nation recognizes that culture and language are the heart of our people’s identity and the foundation for a healthy and prosperous community.

The Wei Wai Kum Nation supports the development of projects that maintain and revive the Liq’wala language and the traditional culture of the Liqwiltokw communities, such as traditional dancing, singing and art work. This support includes financial contributions for events such as National Aboriginal Day celebrations, the annual Elders Gatherings, and Tribal Journeys. In addition, the Nation gives financial support to groups such as the Liq’wala Language Committee.

Representatives of the Nation participate in committees and councils to advise on incorporating language and culture into school curriculum, health services, and public works. Wei Wai Kum Band programs for youth, elders, and social development incorporate traditional teachings and activities. These programs include the Kwanwatsi Child Care Centre, which  serves children from infancy through pre-school with an emphasis on incorporating teaching about language and culture.

The Nation proudly commissions and displays art work by member artists (e.g., at the Band office and other Band-owned facilities) while the Wei Wai Kum House of Treasures gift shop and gallery supports local and other indigenous artists by displaying and selling their work.