Liq’wala Language Committee

The traditional language of the Liqwiltokw people is Liq’wala. Liq’wala is an endangered dialect with few remaining fluent speakers. It is important that our communities continue to maintain our language as a living and evolving part of our communities.

The Liq’wala Language Committee is made up of community members from the Wei Wai Kum, We Wai Kai, and Kwiakah Nations who are dedicated to revitalizing the Liq’wala language – the traditional language of the Liqwiltokw people. It is supported by the Laich-Kwil-Tach Research Centre.

The committee works to integrate language initiatives among the Liqwiltokw communities. It supports language initiatives, language revitalization, and language maintenance in all of its member communities through the coordination of:

    • Information and research
    • Language assessment and analysis
    • Organization and consultation
    • Mentor-apprentice program
    • Writing and preparing language development plans
    • Language grant applications and support
    • Community consultation, and
    • Project implementation, monitoring, and review

Liq’wala Language Committee Mission Statement

Our mission is to work with others to revitalize, promote and preserve the Liq’wala language through immersion programs in the schools, curriculum development, community language programs, language retreats, language camps, and cultural workshops. We will be supportive as we work to make a unified plan to revitalize Liq’wala.

For more information about the committee, contact Nancy Henderson, or or Shirley Johnson at