Membership Rules

Membership in the Wei Wai Kum First Nation is determined by a set of rules that were developed in 1987 to protect and enhance the cultural integrity, social harmony and economic stability of the Nation. A Membership Committee is reviewing proposed amendments to the rules.

The Membership Committee is made up of:

Linda Campbell
Ethel Henry
Kim Roberts
Christine Smith

Wei Wai Kum Membership Rules [34 KB]

Registering Babies

It is important to register a new baby as soon as possible to ensure they are covered for medical benefits.
To register your baby, you must have:

  • the long-form birth certificate
  • the name of your Band, and
  • the parents’ registration numbers

SCIS Application for child 15 years and younger or dependent Adult [375 KB]

Status Cards

Status cards are essential documents, both for individual First Nations people and for the bands of which they are members. As they are photo identification documents, they are periodically renewed. Adults renew them every five years, children every three years.

Membership Clerk Christine Smith is available by appointment to help process Status Card applications or renewals. Book your appointment by calling 250-286-6949.

Documents Needed

Documents required to apply for Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) card

To apply for a status card for yourself or on behalf of a child (for whom you are the parent or legal guardian), the following is needed:

  • Two pieces of identification (ID) for Adults 16 years and old
  • one must be a valid picture ID
  • the second may be a government-issued ID such as a Health Care Card or Birth Certificate (originals are required – photocopies are not accepted)
  • Children 15 years and younger- Birth Certificate/Health Care Card/Student ID (parents required to sign on behalf of the child; are required to have 2 pieces of ID as stated previous)

Note: The photograph required for the Status Card will be taken at the office during your appointment.

Documents required to apply for Secured Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) card:

  • Original birth certificate
  • Any name linking documents such as a marriage certificate/divorce certificate/legal name change
  • Application form for the Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) for an adult 16 years and older, or the SCIS application for a minor 15 years and younger
  • Guarantor declaration

 For further information, contact Christine Smith, or 250-286-6949.