Recycle More Flexible Plastic Packaging in Campbell River

The City’s director of operations, Drew Hadfield, takes flexible plastic for recycling to Island Return-It in Campbell River

People in Campbell River can now recycle more flexible plastic packaging at Island Return-It.

New on the list of recyclables are:

·         zipper lock pouches for frozen foods, grapes, dried fruits and grated cheese

·         bags for potato chips and wrappers for snack bars

·         net bags for avocados, onions and oranges

·         bubble wrap and plastic air packets

“Flexible plastic is one of the fastest growing types of packaging in use,” says Drew Hadfield, the City’s director of operations. “Expanding the recycling service helps increase the chance that this material ends up recycled rather than in the landfill.”

The newly-accepted flexible plastic packaging often includes multiple layers of different types of plastic, making it more challenging to recycle. Collecting this new type of material is helping Recycle BC research and determine how to best recycle it, including turning it into engineered fuel.

Island Return-It is located in Campbellton at 1580-F Willow Street. The depot is one of the 117 stations from around B.C. participating in a flexible plastic recycling pilot project.

For an extensive list of acceptable recyclables, visit Recycle BC or the Waste Watchers page on the Wei Wai Kum website.