School Bus Policies and Guidelines


· To provide students safe daily transportation to and from school for both the WeiWaiKum and WeWaiKai Nations. This may also involve providing transportation for  Cultural school relation field trips.


· For liability purposes the bus provides the service for those students identified on Nominal Roll which is specific to those students who reside on Reserve.

Responsibility of Students:

· Remain seated, facing forward with feet on the floor at all times.

· Be patient and respectful of personal space of other students on the bus.

· Be mindful of those students around you while getting on/off the bus.

· For safety purposes please allow the younger students to load and off-load first.

· Talk quietly while on the bus and do not yell as this may distract the Bus Driver.

· Keeps arms, hands and head inside the window at all times.

· There will be zero tolerance for bullying of any nature.

· Any disrespectful or foul language directed to the bus driver will be not tolerated.

· While departing the bus, allow seats in front of you to depart first in an orderly fashion.

· Absolutely no food, beverage or chewing gum allowed while riding the bus.

· Vandalism of any kind by a student will have consequences.

Responsibility of the Bus Driver:

· The Bus Driver is to ensure safe transportation of the students.

· Provides a schedule of pick up and drop off between the communities and schools.

· Should any students not comply within the “Responsibility of the Students” the Bus Driver is to report the incident to the Education Department of either community.

Discipline for bus behavior:

Students who fail to meet the “Responsibility of the Students” will be dealt with in the following manner:

· The Bus Driver will advise the Home School Liaison. After careful review of facts the Home School Liaison will follow up with parents and education co-ordinators.

· First incident, student will receive a verbal warning and a phone call to the parents/guardians.

· Second incident, student will be suspended from riding the bus for three consecutive days and will be a written correspondence to parents/guardians.

· If there is continued misconduct and disruption by the student a meeting will be scheduled with the student, parents/guardians, and education department to address further discipline.

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