Statement of Votes: Chief By-Election

Wei Wai Kum First Nations

Campbell River Band

April 20, 2018


Statement of Votes


Elected for the remainder of a four year term ending in February 2019:

Christopher Roberts


Candidates for Council          Votes         Elected

George Quocksister Jr.                  17

Christopher Roberts                     201              Elected

Frances Elliotte Roberts               93

Dan Smith                                       19


Valid Ballots Cast: 332

Ballots Rejected: 2


The term for the following will continued until February 2019:

Councillor Shelly Haunch

Councillor Jason Price

Councillor Curtis Wilson


The term for the following will continue until February 2021:

Councillor Marian Atkinson

Councillor Chris Drake

Councillor Tony Roberts Jr


Heather Ware Electoral Officer

Roy Brooks Deputy Electoral Officer


Statement of Votes