Waste Watchers Update: Blue Bins Delivered

The blue recycling bins purchased through our Waste Watchers program have now been distributed to each household on reserve. The bins had been on back order for months, but we hope Members will be happy to have them before fall and winter winds arrive. That’s because these bins have lids, so they will make it easier for Band Members to recycle without having items blow away or have paper get wet in the rain.

All clean paper products, clean hard plastics that have a triangle around a number, and clean tin and aluminum cans are accepted for curbside recycling collection. A more detailed recycling information sheet is taped to the blue bin (and is also available on the Waste Watchers page of our website). This web page also includes information on places where you can drop off re-useable or recyclable items that are not collected at curbside. Lots of good information is also available on the website www.recyclinginbc.ca (And please note, the bins at Thunderbird Hall are for hall use only!)

Recycling is collected every second Monday. The next collection is Monday, Aug.7. Recycling (and garbage) should be at the curb by 8 a.m. on collection days to ensure pick-up.

The workers may not take recycling if it contains glass or dirty materials as these can pose a safety hazard or damage the sorting equipment. However, mistakes may be made. Call or email the Band Office if you’re not sure why your recycling wasn’t collected. Leave your name and address and we’ll check with the contractor, BFI Progressive (email reception@weiwaikum.ca or call 250 286-6949).

Summer Beautification crew member Jessie Shade adds information sheets to the blue bins before distribution to reserve households.