Waste Watchers Update: Yard Waste Tips

With the fire hazard still set at “high” for Campbell River it is worth a reminder that improperly disposed yard waste can be a fire hazard. It only takes one spark to ignite dry piles of branches and prunings.

Improperly disposed yard waste can also attract rats and other pests that can spread disease and get into our homes.

Yard Waste is one of the most common types of illegally dumped waste. Although it is biodegradable, yard waste dumping can have a serious impact on our environment. Dumped yard waste smothers seedlings, carries plant disease, and causes nitrogen deficiencies in the soil that can kill native plants. Non-native species like Scotch Broom can be introduced by yard waste, and dumping can also create “dead zones” that become entry points for invasive species.

Did you know there is a Yard Waste Drop-off Centre in Campbell River? It’s on We Wai Kai Nation land off Willis Road behind the Shell Station. It’s open Friday to Tuesday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This information – and more on garbage disposal and recycling, is available on the Waste Watchers page of our website, or contact the band office to ask for a copy of our Waste Watchers information booklet.